ADNOC Harnesses CO2 To Increase Oil Recovery


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Archived, originally published in February 2018 

“As we push forward plans to create value by maximizing oil recovery over the lifetime of our fields, we will increasingly utilize a range of enhanced oil recovery technologies, of which carbon capture, use and storage is not only good for the environment but also makes sound business sense,” said Abdulmunim Saif Al Kindy, director of ADNOC’s upstream directorate and chairman of Al Reyadah. “Replacing rich gas with CO2 injection into ADNOC’s maturing fields will allow the more productive use of valuable clean-burning natural gas, whether for power generation, desalination or as petrochemicals’ feedstock.


As part of its drives to diversify recovery techniques, ADNOC signed an agreement with the Center of Integrated Petroleum Research (CIPR) at Bergen University in Norway to conduct applied research into EOR techniques that could extend the life of ADNOC’s oil reservoirs. The agreement is part of ADNOC’s strategic approach to ensuring long-term, sustainable and profitable oil production and its aspiration to recover up to 70% of the oil in place at the end of a field’s life.


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