AMBIT PLUS 24/7 Production Surveillance Services Prolonged ESP Life, Sustained Production, and Saved USD 1.5 Million


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Archived, originally published in October 2016

An operator in the Democratic Republic of Congo was experiencing significant electric submersible pumping (ESP) system issues. The operator was averaging one ESP replacement per year across its onshore and offshore assets. With costs ranging from USD 1.5 million to USD 4 million per workover, an efficient solution was needed for prolonging ESP run life.

The operator partnered with Baker Hughes to implement the AMBIT™ PLUS 24/7 production surveillance services in both its onshore and offshore fields. These roundthe-clock services combine industry-leading production monitoring software with real-time decisioning support from experienced Baker Hughes engineers to optimize production and extend ESP run life. Over the first days and weeks, the Baker Hughes team monitored assets closely and observed well data to establish production and ESP performance baselines. They used new software platform reporting capabilities to compare near-time readings to baseline data, and educated operator personnel on how to read the reports to identify trends, anomalies, and early warnings. The team also fine-tuned thresholds for system alerts to allow plenty of time to deal with issues before they could grow into problems.

Source: Baker Hughes 

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