First deployment of Cantilever Technology


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GMS announces the successful completion of its first Well Intervention workscope, utilising the company's unique Cantilever Workover System, installed on the self-propelled vessel GMS Evolution. Under contract for a NOC client in the MENA region, this was the first occasion that the cantilever system, a technology designed and developed by GMS, has been used on a live well.  Key operational advantages of cantilever technology include: 

  • Safer operations, eliminating lifting over live wellheads,
  • Reduction in well-intervention time;
  • Radical improvement in transfer time, platform to platform, over conventional rigs, and;
  • Consequent cost savings for the field operator

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2020-09-20 04:15:50
Really interested to hear more on this. I wonder if the downturn will produce more work for it due to workover backlogs?

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2020-09-25 07:54:34
I think the mindset change is required, as most operators are not used to this approach. GMS came up with these vessels a few years ago and so far very few used for well intervention.

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2020-10-03 08:06:25
Do you know if there are any other vessels like this globally? Is this the first?

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