Microgrid Technology Increases Uptime for Artificial Lift Equipment


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Archived, originally published in May 2016

An updated microgrid technology from FlexGen aims to cure the problems that plague artificial lift equipment. (Think: electric submersible pumps, gas lift, and rod pumps). Electrical reliability and power quality problems are all too common and result in high energy costs, grid blackouts, brownouts and lost production.

FlexGen's microgrid technology, the digitally-enabled FlexGen Production Power Microgrid, automatically delivers or receives precise, high power pulses with millisecond accuracy, essentially cleaning the electrical power flowing to and from the artificial lift motor. For customers, this means significantly increasing uptime and production, reducing artificial lift electricity costs by 40-60 percent for both generator set and grid-supplied sites.

The Production Power Microgrid is the latest product born from the FlexGen Industrial Internet of Things (FiiT) computing platform. It ingests massive volumes of electrical system “fast data” to optimize power system performance.

FlexGen CEO, Josh Prueher said, “Our FiiT platform helped us identify, quantify, and design a solution to an electrical power problem in artificial lift operations that is costing the oil & gas industry over a billion dollars in lost production annually. It's the latest example of a persistent blind spot in the oilfield - the industry largely overlooks the true costs of electrical power in its engineering designs and operations. These costs hide in very granular electrical data and without our FiiT capability, they would remain invisible.”

Source: https://microgridknowledge.com/microgrid-technology/

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