New patented well stimulation technology has been approved in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait


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Archived, originally published in June 2016

Wavefront Technology's Powerwave Odyssey technology has been approved in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, as a new well stimulation technology. Powerwave process is an injection technology that improves the flow of fluids in geological materials including sedimentary soils and fractured rock. These materials are composed of a solid matrix and pore structure, which contain fluids such as oil and gas. These fluids move through pore networks in preferential flow paths established during the formation of the reservoir. 

Powerwave generates a fluid pressure pulse that causes a momentary elastic flexure of the pore structure. This pressure pulse moves fluid into and out of a larger number of pore networks, thereby obtaining a more uniform injection front and resulting in increased oil recovery from production operations.

Powerwave works to improve oil recovery by optimizing the performance of existing methods such as chemical EOR technologies, liquid CO2 injection, water injection, and surfactant / polymer flooding. When effectively implemented, Powerwave is the most efficient way to accelerate fluid flow and disperse liquids through oil-bearing geological material. 

By using Powerwave, oil producers leverage a profitable, effective advantage including:

  • Greater ultimate recovery with prolonged field life
  • Additional, recovery in oil fields that have been largely depleted or even abandoned
  • Faster production due to better well efficiency
  • Fewer wells with equivalent or better oil production 


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