Rotary Steerable Systems Optimize Wells In Variety Of Environments


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Archived, originally published in September 2017

In any well delivery operation there are three drivers—drilling efficiency, accurate well placement and high-quality wellbores.

The main objective in directional drilling is to accurately position the well within the target to optimize returns. Nevertheless, wellbore quality is just as important a factor that must be considered—a precisely placed well does not necessarily mean the wellbore itself is ideal for later completions. While placing high-integrity wells in the best locations, drillers must also strive for higher performance during operations, which entails getting to total depth faster with less flat time.

High-quality wells delivered ahead of plan can help operators see a positive impact not only on cost per foot, but also cost per barrel produced. Early production, efficient post-drilling operations and optimum field development plans are all affected by superior well construction.

Extended-reach drilling (ERD) services provide a solution to restricted reservoir production, enabling operators to more efficiently develop their assets by maximizing the exposure of the targeted intervals and eliminating the need for additional platforms.


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