Working with Metals in the O&G Industry (Part 1)


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Working with Metals in the O&G Industry (Part 1).pdfWorking with Metals in the O&G Industry (Part 1).pdfAt Daleel we believe knowledge is power. Taking the time to learn a little bit more about the categories you work with can go a long way. We thought we would help you and have attached a short guide on Working with Metals in the O&G Industry.  


Metals make up a huge part of the oil & gas industry and contribute significantly to cost. They are involved in pretty much every aspect of the industry from small components up to large structures. 


Over the next month we want to share some knowledge and insight that you can put to good use in your daily roles. Part 1 of Working with Metals in the O&G Industry is going to focus on the most common types of steel the industry use, their characteristics, and what other industries use them.  


We hope you find it of use and, as always, we welcome comments and discussion.

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