Metallurgically bonded clad pipe vs. Mechanical method

Art Halik
7 months ago
When it comes to CRA clad line pipe, what is the difference between metallurgically bonded clad pipe mechanical method?
anonym user
Verified User1
7 months ago
In the metallurgically bonded process, the cladding is bonded with a base metal pipe through a rolling/pressing process (Hot Roll Bonding (HRB)). With mechanically bonded clad pipe the cladding is mechanically attached to the base metal pipe using two different methods: 1) cladding, in the form of a pipe, is telescopically inserted into the base metal pipe and then mechanically or hydrostatically expanded, or 2) using the weld overlay method, cladding is welded to the surface of the base metal pipe.

SCM Daleel - Admin
7 months ago
Here is an article we have on the portal that you may find useful.

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