Flexible pipe

Murad Ilyas
3 months ago
What is the max size of the flexible pipe in oil and gas offshore applications? Is there any unique information about it or smth that is important to know?
anonym user
Verified User1
3 months ago
A lot of the time flexible pipe is a great alternative to the conventional rigid pipe. I think the max size for the flexible pipe is 20” and can be used in almost any application. The good think about it, because of the way it’s constructed ( composite construction), whereby layers of special thermoplastic and corrosion-resistant steel wires are used, the design of flexible pipe can be tailored to a particular application. In addition, the length of the pipeline makes a difference – there is a point where rigid pipe becomes more economical.

One of the great things about the flexible pipe, is a portion of it can be replaced if needed, and you don’t need a large pipelay vessel to lay it, a good size DSV can the job.

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