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Coolers help to control the temperature of the gas, air, or liquid flowing through a piping system. Coolers are divided into three main types be 1) Driven by an electric motor 2) Ambien and 3) Driven by natural gas. The basic working principle of coolers is as follows. The stream of liquids or gas in the piping system, flows through the tubes inside the cooler, whereby air is blown into those tubes and thus reducing the temperature of the stream of liquids or gas. 


A condenser is a device that turns gaseous matters into liquids by cooling it. Condensers are widely used in air conditioning, distillation and a lot of other areas where the heat-exchange process is present.


HVAC is an abbreviation of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. A broader version of HVAC is relatively common, whereby " Refrigeration" is added and shortly referred to HVACR. As the name suggests, HVAC systems are essential elements of the oil and gas industry, in particular offshore.

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