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Turbo-expanders, also known as Gas expanders, is a type of axial-flow or centrifugal expansion turbine that capture otherwise lost energy ( kinetic energy) during the process. A high-pressure gas is then produced to provide a power drive for a generator or a compressor. Turbo-expanders are primarily used in LNG and NGLs production processes.

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Total Cost of Ownership

  • FAT / Factory Acceptance Test - FAT could very critical element when procuring compressors, in particular when existing units are modified ( vs. purchase of a brand new machine). In many occasions, problems and long delays during commissioning could be avoided if FAT is done. FAT is a costly option may cost on average $500k to $2m or around 15-25% of the actual equipment purchase price. 
  • Liability regime - Very often suppliers of compressors are very particular on warranties and liabilities and always try to limit it as much as they can, even if it comes at cost of losing a business opportunity. Very often, when a liability regime is favourable to manufacturers, those manufactures always try to avoid the FAT test, as a piece of machinery is technically not delivered yet when contractual liability regime starts to apply. 
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