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A transformer is a piece of equipment, whereby the principle of electromagnetic induction is used to transfers electricity (energy) from one circuit to another. There are two major purposes of transformers, i.e. 1) increase the low voltage to higher ( step-up application ) and 2) Decrease high voltage to lower current ( step-down application). The basic working principle of transformers is a transfer of electrical energy between coils that are placed close to each other.


Transformers are divided into different types, depending on what the classification is based on, i.e. classification based on:


a.Power / Network ransmission  transformer

b.Distribution / End user transformer

i.Liquid Immersed transformer

ii.Dry type transformer

2)Voltage Levels

a.Step-Up transformer

b.Step- Down transformer

3) Core Medium

a.Iron Core

b.Air Core

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