Claim your Business

How to claim your business


1. When you see or find your company or a product and services that may relate to your company, you will see the sign “ Claim your business”


2. Click on the box “Claim your business”


3. Once you click, you will go through a verification process.


4. In order to prevent fraud and ensure security, we require the following verification steps to be undertaken:

  • We will require your corporate email address and your name, so we can send you a verification email.
  • Once you verify the email, your request will be with us for approval that should be granted within 5 working days. We reserve the right to request more information in order to authenticate the request. Should we find out that your request is fraudulent and/or you are not authorized to act on behalf of the business, we reserve the right to reject the request and inform the company about the case.
  • Once approval is granted, you will receive a confirmation email with temporary password, that we recommend you reset it immediately.

Should you wish your company to be removed from Our site, you will go through a similar process of deleting your company from SCM Daleel.